Corporate Identity

INNO Instrument stands for promoting technological “Innovation‟ and making “the highest level‟ of Instrument.

“You dream, We DESIGN”

Nothing is impossible. We are realizing what you are dreaming by Producing/providing customer centered product.
“Customer Satisfaction‟ is DNA of INNO Instrument.

  • 1. Design

    Concise and straight font shows challenging and adventurous spirit as a global enterprise.

  • 2. Logo

    The representative product of Fusion Splicer made successfully as a logo shows our professionalism and reliability.

  • 3. Colors

    Blue representing trustworthiness and possibility shows the bright vision of futurity.

    • INNO Instrument Blue

      C100% M73% Y36% K27%
      Webcolor #063E61
      red6% Green62% Blue 97%

    • INNO Instrument Gray

      C55% M44% Y41% K27%
      Webcolor #6E6F72
      red110% Green111% Blue114%

    • INNO Instrument Green

      C52% M0% Y88% K0%
      Webcolor #8FC044
      red143% Green192% Blue68%

  • 4. Initial

    Emphasizing “I” for Innovation shows our spirit and business philosophy.