5G Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

4G + 5G Multi-band DAS

This is a DAS system that supports 6 bands of 4G and 5G NR TDD simultaneously and has a structure that allows a total of 128 SUs to be distributed in a building. RF signals received from 5G NG gNB are converted into optic signals through MU and finally transmitted to SU via EU.

5G Multi-carrier DAS

The GDM 3436-MC product is a 5G-dedicated DAS system developed to cover 3.56Hz frequency band coverage


The Das can support up to four operators based on each operator’s 4T4R input, and the SU is designed to cover two output power specification:HSU(High-power SU) and LSU(Low-power SU), so that the coverage can be flexibly conducted for installation purposes.

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