5G Solution

VIEW900 | Cable Antenna Analyzer

VIEW900 is an equipment that analyze antenna and cable errors. It is used for maintenance of a wireless signaling outgoing system by antenna. It can confirm issues in both antenna and linking cables between antenna and system. ‘Return Loss’ and ‘VSWR’ are able to measure antenna.

VIEW950M | Multiscan

Provides an efficient, fast and easy way to verify the quality of phone and cell sites antennas, the multi-line sweep function tests the 4-port measurement in a single sweep for maximum productivity


Support all measurements required for 5G cell site installation and maintenance with about 30 different signal analysis functions

5G / 4G + 5G DAS

Inno Instrument 5G Networking solution offers residential or commercial buildings with high density of users where there is a high demand for high capacity performing network. Our 4G+5G Multiband & Multi-carrier utilized a BTS-Fed Active / Hybrid 5G distributed antenna system to minimalized blockage of cell signal to ensure seamless connectivity.

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