• INNO Instrument established the new offices in..

    INNO Instrument established the new offices in Malaysia and Australia. Asia area is powerful and rapidly developing in telecommunication industry. Therefore, INNO Instrument has aggressive sales strategy in Asia area. That’s why INNO Instrument established two offices in Asia. Especially, Australia and Malaysia has lots of potential to grow. The address of new office in Australia is 12/45 Technology Circuit, Hallam VIC 3803, Australia. If you need to contact with Australia, you can contact by mail to or call to +61..

  • INNO Instrument Introduces New Fusion Splicers..

    INNO Instrument Introduces New Fusion Splicers : View 4M, View 12R    INNO Instrument launched the new fusion splicer as 2 types, View 4 and View 12R. INNO Instrument launched View series last year and since launch the View series, INNO Instrument has contracted with lots of countries and companies as enormous the number of splicers. To boom up the customers expect, INNO Instrument developed and launched the new type of splicer for ribbon.   View 12R, a ribbon splicer with the fully motorized clamp alignment system, is the mo..

  • INNO Instrument has opened a showroom

    INNO Instrument opened the showroom for visitors in headquarter. Showroom is divided to 3 parts.First section is presentation section. Before looking around the showing room, INNO Instrument provides basic information of INNO’s products including how to use. Therefore anyone who doesn’t know about the splicer can understand INNO’s product easily.Second section is made of 3 concepts of fields. One is filed at central office. It is the hub and host location that manages the processing systems for voice, data, bandwidth and video. There’s no doubt..

  • INNO Instrument had inauguration for CEO

    February 23, 2015 Max Kim is inaugurated to CEO of INNO Instrument. In the inaugural address, he emphasized INNO core value : globality, challenge, Innovation and customer-centered mind. INNO Instrument has continued growth by providing innovative, reliable products and services in everywhere there is use of optical communication. Since INNO Instrument was established in 2007, INNO Instrument focused on development of splicer. As a result, INNO Instrument could launch the first fusion splicer in the same year by own technology. Based on the fi..

  • INNO Instrument Introduces New Fusion Splicers..

    INNO Instrument Introduces New Fusion Splicers : View 3, View 5, View 7   INNO Instrument launched the new series of fusion splicer as 3 types, View3, View 5 and View 7. The View series splicers with DACAS(Digital Analysis Core Alignment system) as INNO’s patent technique are the newest model beyond IFS series. In regards of the latest technology of alignment splicing, Fiber Master for technicians who require a splicer that is dependable, efficient, and cost effective. The view series fusion splicers has gone through vigorous testing and..