• ECOC 2008

    About ECOC 2008   Date: Sep 21 ~ 25’ 2008 Location: Belgium   Summary INNO Instrument had been participated ECOC2008 in Belgium. During the exhibition, we launched IFS-9 and VF-77 in Europe market. We set up the valuable business meeting with our regional customers and distributors in West, East, and South, North Europe, and CIS region. There had been collected a lot of requests about products and distributors so that we enjoyed to give information and reply via business meeting. It leaded to set strong relationship between ..

  • CommnicAsia2008

    About CommunicAsia 2008  Date: Jun 17 ~ 20’ 2008 Location: Singapore Expon Summary INNO Instrument had been participated CommunicAsia2008 in Singapore Expo. During the exhibition, we launched IFS-9 and VF-77 in Asiamarket. We met many companies which is related with optical fiber industry. Also we had meeting with them to discuss about products and distributors requests. We built strong business networks in Asian market. We successfully set great our brand value to the customers in CommunicAsia 2008. 

  • OFCNFOEC 2008

    About OFC 2008  Date: Feb 24 ~ 28’ 2008 Location: San Diego, convention centre Summary INNO Instrument had been participated OFC2008 in San Diego. INNO Instrument had built up a numerous business meeting with end-customers and regional distributors. We had great opportunity about products and distributor inquiry via business meeting. During the exhibition,we had demonstrated IFS-9 and VF-77. INNO had collected a lot of information requests from the visitors. We do strongly believe that we have set up closed relationship with no..

  • INNO Instrument was certified as ISO 9001 and ..

    INNO Instrument was certified as ISO 9001 certification. ISO 9000 is a set of international standards on quality management and quality assurance developed to help companies effectively document the quality system elements to be implemented to maintain an efficient quality system. It can help a company satisfy its customers, meet regulatory requirements, and achieve continual improvement. ISO 9000 is a series, or family, of standards. ISO 9001 is a standard within the family. The ISO 9000 family of standards also contains an individual standa..

  • INNO Instrument, renamed from Three INNO Inc.

    Three INNO is renamed to INNO Instrument. ‘INNO’ of ‘INNO Instrument’ means ‘innovation’ and it is combined with ‘Instrument’ as the will of top company which is produced top qualified product in the world. With the renaming, INNO Instrument also made the logo and slogan. In the logo, it is designed by concise and straight font, it shows challenging and adventurous spirit as a global enterprise. ‘I’ is emphasized as the shape of INNO’s fiber optical fusion splicer. The logo shows INNO’s professionalism and reliability well. In regard of color..