• INNO Instrument launched the new OTDRs, VIEW50..

    INNO Instrument officially launched the new products, 2 types of OTDR, VIEW500 and MINI2 on September 18. VIEW500 is standard OTDR as bench-top type. And MINI2 is the compact OTDR as hand-held type. VIEW500 and MINI2 have 5 main functions. First is OTDR mode. OTDR mode allows for measuring distance, loss, reflectivity, attenuation and accumulation loss on a fiber optical link. Secondly, SOLA is an application for the OTDR, designed to simplify OTDR test process without the need to configure the parameters or analysis while parsing multiple comp..

  • INNO Instrument had the meeting with Australia..

    On March 10th, a director of Inno's distributor in Australia visited the headquarter of INNO Insrtument in Korea to discuss market trends and sales strategy for Australian market. At the meeting, the director expressed strong confidence to increase market share, and INNO Instrument promised to support in any way that they can for thriving in the market.After the meeting of the day, Singh, the director, said, “I would like to appreciate for INNO’s trustful and continued support. And I strongly believe that its high quality products will enable I..

  • INNO Instrument awarded the Best Performance A..

    INNO Instrument awarded DEPS the Best Performance Award 2016 on March 6, 2017. DEPS showed great performance in Ukraine with their independent sales strategy in 2016. Senior Manager of Hwang who is in charge of CIS region said in the award ceremony said, “I’m so glad to give thanks to our valuable customer. I know that DEPS always shows us great effort and work not only this year but all the time since we met. But through this great opportunity I could express much appreciation. And I’m looking forward to have great performance in this year and..

  • INNO Instrument awarded the Best Performance A..

    FTTH is progressed almost 15 % in France so far. And France is the one of the top country among countries which are FTTH is activated in Europe. France government has the goal to achieve the FTTH progress rate up to 50% till 2021. Therefore France has the strong possibility to enlarge and develop the market share for 4-5 years. INNO Instrument has the strong market share in France with the powerful strategy with INNO’s distributor. INNO Instrument takes the market more than half in France. With the great appreciation, INNO Instrument awarded ..

  • INNO Instrument won the 'Best support awar..

    November 11th, 2016 China Telecom optical broadband + TV installed dimensional skills competition fell curtain, 31 teams participated in this competition. INNO INSTRUMENT provides the most powerful technical support to help complete the competition successfully and won the "Best support award". As a strong supports of the construction of optical communication, INNO INSTRUMENT focused on customer’s needs and provided a full range of products and technical supports to customers. INNO INSTRUMENT congratulate to the match successfully finish and..