Overseas sales /
Technical Sales


Sales jobs are mainly divided into oversea sales and technical sales. Oversea sales contributes to the company’s profits by forecasting customer needs and market situations, targeting purchasers and potential customers. They act as the bridge between consumers and the company, and contribute to goal achievement through product commission and sales. Overseas sales are also responsible for fulfilling customer needs through close sales activities, and contributing to profit maximization through product commission and sales. Technical sales are mediators between the company and its clients to solve the technical problems.


Global Marketing contributes to the company’s profits by expanding market presence and formulating mid- to long-term marketing strategies by analyzing data collected on key countries, regions, markets, clients, competitors, and technological suppliers. This analysis is then used to identify the optimal marketing and sales policies for securing new contracts and exploring new markets. The role of Members of this important unit are also responsible for designing products and materials and supporting by technical knowledge and know-how.

Global marketing /
Technical support / Design /
Product design

Manufacturing Technology /
Manufacturing quality control /
Production support

Manufacture / Technology

The Manufacturing Technology department aims at enhancing productivity and complying with and improving process standards by producing products in accordance with customer requests, achieving on-time delivery and high product quality, and advancing preparation of production activities. As quality and customer are our core value, it is our responsibility to supply internal and external production resources, and process planning and management, for on-time delivery to customers and production efficiency through cost reduction. Furthermore, they plan and execute the communication of the Sales division’s requests to the Production divisions, and ensure that the results of such products are delivered back to the Sales divisions.


The R&D department is responsible for the research and development of new products based on technology. R&D is to enhance R&D performance through sales management of resources and new products. It aims at contributing to customer satisfaction, company sales and company profits, and is in charge of technical support for relevant divisions.

R&D management /
R&D support

Accounting & Finance /
Logistics / Human resources /
General Affairs


The Management department is subdivided into finance, logistics, HR, general affairs. Each function seeks to contribute to creating value through supporting business activities and managerial innovation based on professional competences. All the roles is for achievement of business objectives by providing competitive services, enhancing internal/external customer satisfaction, and leading corporate culture.

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