Cloud Key Management System
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Cloud Key Management System

Our solution for cloud key management system is an innovative technology powered by Inno Instrument. This system aims to eliminates the problems caused by traditional locking system where keys are duplicated and shared by multiple users without proper tracking. Without a proper key management system puts assets at risk of being tampered, hacked, vandalized, or even lost of valuables.

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Smart Lock Solution

Secured server-linked smart locks for various application

smart Locks


Outdoor Cabinet

Application suitable for:

  • Communication cabinet (traffic / CCTV)
  • Electric cabinet (street / solar )
  • Public institution cabinet
  • Military cabinet
  • Industrial facility cabinet


Cabinet Rack

Application suitable for:

  • Data center, Building MDF
  • Public & School locker
  • Document box
  • Corporate server room


Indoor Facilities

Application suitable for:

  • Facility management (MDF, electrical room, machine room)
  • Access restrictions (hospitals, research institutes)
  • Remote management (Telco BTS)

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