FTTH Council Europe 2018

FTTH Council Europe 2018

INNO Instrument had exhibited at FTTH Europe as a Gold member, which is a large and expert exhibition in fiber optical industry presenting the up-to-date FTTH products, solutions and trends. It was held from February 14th to 15th in Valencia, Spain.

INNO Instrument launched the latest products, OTDR with the new concept of booth. And also INNO Instrument showed the FTTH diorama to help the understanding of visitors how and where the products could be used.

Especially, V30 is newly introduced to the Europe market through this exhibition. The V30 network optical multi meter is easy to operate with multiple functions of as OPM, VFL and LAN & Telephone Line Test. The V30 is designed for use in the fields of construction and maintaining optical cable, communications companies and data Centers.

In addition, V20, the fiber microscope is compatible with OTDRs. It is used in checking if the fiber end-face is clean. With the ability to display a clear image and the double amplification function, the V20 is able to analyze the cleanliness of the fiber end-face.

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