GITEX 2016

GITEX 2016

INNO Instrument had exhibited in GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK (GITEX 2016), which is the largest Exhibition and Conference covering all IT Industry in Middle East. The world’s third largest technology event, GITEX, is taking place in Dubai World Trade Center from October 16th to 20th.

INNO Instrument participated in this exhibition to become an inbound sourcing platform for the entire Middle East region and the eminent source for anyone interested in doing business in the region. This exhibition had become the biggest exhibition in MEASA region with over 30 years of history in Dubai and 3,700 companies and 140,000 visitors had participated from 150 countries in the world. And more than 300 customers visited to INNO booth.

INNO Instrument introduced View 12R and promoted customers by product demonstration in this exhibition. View 12R is the ribbon splicer which covers from single to 12 fibers. And View 1 has 5 inch LCD have 5 inch high-resolution color LCD touchscreen with user-friendly intuitive GUI.

Especially View 7 is the most sold product in Middle East Asia and Africa. View 7 is the world’s highest fiber image magnification rate and the most powerful and innovative fusion splicer as core-alignment method. And it also has the ultra-high battery capacity of 355 splice/heat cycles(9800mAh). View 1 is also sold much. It is an active clad-alignment splicer with amazingly compact design. View 1 is the new industry standard in the telecommunication industry.

Through this exhibition INNO Instrument could strengthen the brand position and the loyalty of the local distributors not only in Middle East but also in Africa. Thanks to great interest of valuable customers, INNO Instrument could finish this exhibition successfully.

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