The Most Reliable & Accurate Cable Antenna Analyzer

VIEW900 is equipment that analyze antenna and cable errors. It is used for maintenance of a wireless signaling outgoing system by antenna. It can confirm issues in both antenna and linking cables between antenna and system. ‘Return Loss’ and ‘VSWR’ are able to measure antenna. In addtion, ‘DTF Return Loss’, ‘DTF VSWR’ and ‘Cable Loss’ are functions for measuring cable. VIEW900 is available 5MHz ~ 6GHz and ‘Trace point’ can sets up upto 2049 points. Full touched 7 inch wide LCD and 7800mA Li-ion detachable battery will enable the user to operate esaily. Lastly, VIEW900 can be calibrated by ‘Mechanical Calibration Kit(V96)’ and ‘Electrical Calibration Kit(V95).
The Most Reliable & Accurate Cable Antenna Analyzer
Serves to installation and maintenance of cell sites
Key Features
VSWR(voltage standing wave ratio) measures effective transmission of the energy sent to antenna by comparing an incident wave of antenna and a reflected wave.
Return Loss
Return Loss is the ratio of power loss between incident and reflected power in mismatching of antenna and RF cable(displayed in log scale.)
Distance to Fault
Distance to Fault can detect defectlocation of disconnection and damaged of RF cable.
Cable Loss
Cable Loss is for reflection loss measurement of RF cable (displayed in log scale).
Smith Chart
Smith Chart is an RF tool to make sure impedance matching status by measuring an impedance of transmission system includes antenna and RF cables.
Power Management
RF power measurement using an external power sensor.
Technical Specification
return loss range
0 ~ 60dB
cable loss range
0 to 30dB
frequency range
5 MHz to 6 GHz
frequency accuracy
on channel interference immunity
+15 dBm
scan speed
Reflection: < 0.7 ms/point
DTF: < 1.0 ms/point
Standard Package
Cable Antenna AnalyzerVIEW 900
Power cable / AC AdapterACC-25 / INNO-PU-8
Carrying caseSoft case / Hard case(Option)
Shoulder strap
V90(Optional Accessories)
Frequency range50MHz to 6000MHz
Output Power range-45dBm to + 10dBm
Min/Max input power range-50dBm / +15dBm
Measurement TypeAverage
Measurement Uncertainty±7%
S11(return loss)Below -25dBm
Dimensions LxWxH137x53x36mm
Weightless than 296g
V95(Optional Accessories)
Frequency range5MHz to 6000MHz
DC voltage5V/500mA (With USB cable)
Power consumption5V 0.06A (0.3W)
Dimensions LxWxH113x38x27 mm
WeightLess than 162g
Operating temperature0 °C to 50 °C
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