TS Pro

A Universal Thermal Fiber Stripper​

TS Pro is a universal thermal fiber stripper capable of removing coating and jacket of all types and brands of fibers.

It performs superbly against the rollable and spider web cables in both 200μm and 250μm pitch. With its fast and straightforward operation, anyone can do precise stripping with near-zero failure.

It provides long-lasting battery capacity: approx—500 cycles of ribbon fiber cable stripping.
TS Pro can withstand the most extreme work conditions.
Usage Guides
Technical Specification
fiber material
Silica Glass
coating diameter
200 ~ 400μm
applicable fiber
1 ~ 16
stripping length
Up to 30mm
heating time
Normal Mode: approx. 4sec
Power Save Mode: approx. 5sec
temperature setting
Normal Mode: approx. 80ºC, 95ºC, 110ºC, 130ºC
Power Save Mode: approx. 70ºC, 80ºC, 95ºC, 110ºC
Standard Package
Model / Part No.Description
TS ProThermal stripper1 each
TSC-01Case1 each
CB-02Brush1 each
JS-1500Thermal stripper adapter1 each
Optional Accessories
Model / Part No.Description
USB-10PDC power Cable1 each
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