VIEW 710
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VIEW 710

A Digital Measuring Equipment & Powerful Power Meter

VIEW 710

A powerful instrument for measuring home appliances, OA products (office automation), electrical equipment and devices of process control automation.


Widely used in the areas such as power industry, office or home appliances testing and evaluation, battery drive test and motor efficiency test.


This instrument is also equipped with the functions such as recording real time waveform and the waveform data and analyzing the harmonic.

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PC Program

Powerful and Smart

Smart Instrument for complex multi-channel input measurement

    • Status display I
    • Data display
    • Indicators II
    • Range setting
    • Other function settings
    • Navigation keys
    • Integration setup keys
    • Setup, utility, Harmonic keys
    • Functions selection
    • Power switch

    • Current input terminal
    • EXT current sensor input terminal
    • Voltage input terminal
    • D/A connector
    • Type B USB connector
    • Ethernet connector
    • Power switch and power cord connector
    • GP-IB / RS-232 connector

Home appliances and Office equipment

Recently, there are more concerns about energy efficiency, such as reducing the power consumption for the civil electrical appliances (such as air conditioner, washing machine, induction cooker, water heater).

The digital power meter can be used to test the power produced by home appliances.

One piece of the digital power meter of this series can effectively measure the voltage, current, power, frequency, power factor and THD (Harmonic distortion).

Industrial equipment and Transportation

Automotive – Battery or Driven Device Evaluation

This digital power meter can directly measure the high current up to 50A. This provides an economical and accurate method for testing DC driven devices in vehicles without any extra sensors.

Testing in Production Line

This instrument is so compact in structure to be easily mounted on the shelf for testing during production. Testing platform can be economically set up at a favorable price. The parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, power factor, and harmonics can be measured by this digital power meter, so as to improve testing efficiency.

Evaluation Testing of Special Waveform Driven Devices and Distorted Waveforms (including DC Component)

The digital power meter of this series has a broad frequency capability of DC (from 0.1Hz to 100 kHz). It can measure the RMS value of distorted waveforms like square waveforms or special waveform driven devices. The average active power measurement function gives accurate power consumption data for fluctuating power devices such as burst waveform operated devices. Therefore the users can perform accurate distorted waveform measurements without any need to setting special modes.

Wide-range for Current Measurement

Current Sensor Input

Simultaneously Measuring all Parameters

Computation Function

Data Storage

Fast Display and Data Update Rate

Peak Hold Function

Configuration Parameters Saving and Loading

D/A Output for Measurement Recording

Comparator Function

INNO PA Viewer Software

The INNO PA Viewer is an software installed in PC available to remotely control the digital power meter connected via a communication interface (network connector or USB connector), and display the results analyzed by the digital power meter in the form of numeric, waveform, trend, vector, and bar graph.

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General Specification

Items Specifications
External dimensions 228mm*370mm*113mm
Rated supply voltage From 100 to 240 VAC
Permitted supply range voltage From 90 to 264 VAC
Rated supply frequency 50/60Hz
Permitted supply voltage frequency range From 48 to 63 Hz
Max. power consumption 30VA
Warm-up time Approximately 30 minutes
Operation environment Temperature: 5°C ~ 40°C
Humidity: from 20% to 80%RH(no condensation)
Operating altitude 2000m or less
Applicable environment Indoors
Storage environment Temperature: -25°C ~ 60°C
Humidity: from 20% to 80%RH(no condensation)
Weight Approximately 4kg
Battery backup Setup parameters are backed up with a lithium battery.

Communication Interfaces

Items Specifications
Type B USB Interface Conforms to the USB Rev.2.0; USBTMCUSB488( USB Test and Measurement Class Ver.1.0)
Ethernet Interface RJ-45 connector; Conforms to IEEE802.3; 100BASE-TX, 10BASE-T
GP-IB Interface Confirms to IEEE Standard 488-1978 (JIS C 1901-1987); Confirms to the IEEE Standard 488.2-1992
RS-232 Interface 9-pin, D-Sub (plug); Conforms to EIA-574, standard of 9-pin EIA-232(RS-232)

Hardware Interface

Items Specifications
D/A Terminal ±5V; approximately ±7.5V(maximum); TTL level

Models and Codes

Name Model Descriptions
Instrument (with input module) View710 (with 20A105) Digital power meter with input module (20A, 600V, 0.1%+0.05%)
View710 (with 50A105) Digital power meter with input module (50A, 600V, 0.1%+0.05%)
Function Module (Option) /DA4 D/A output
/EX1 External current sensor 2.5V-10V ( or /EX2 )
/EX2 External current sensor 50mV-2V ( or /EX1 )
/HA Harmonic measurement
Communication Interface(Option) /IG GP-IB, replace RS-232
Accessory mounted on the support (Option) PAA1004 Used when the instrument mounted on the support
PAA2004 Used when the instrument mounted on the support(two instruments)

VIEW PRO Manager

Integrated cloud-based software platform for INNO’s splicers

  1. Device Management
    Manage splicers’ maintenance & service needs such as SW update, calibration, spare parts
  2. Job/Work Management
    Share and manage job/work to maximize efficiency and productivity
  3. Device Information
    Device real-time location and information
  4. Real-time, Seamless Reporting
    Splice results, locations, reports, and other data can be retrieved instantaneously
  5. Web/Cloud-Based Service
    Accessible via PC with tiered access rights and authorities

INNO Fusion Splicer Line Up

For all splicing needs

High performance









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