VIEW 770
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VIEW 770

High-precision & Heavy Duty Professional Power Analyzer PRO

VIEW 770

High precision, heavy duty professional power analyzer suitable for measuring parameters such as voltage, current, power and efficiency of the transducer (frequency inverter), motor and converter.


Ability to analyze the systems via special measurement functions; harmonics analysis, motor evaluation, voltage fluctuation, flicker measurement, FFT and more.


VIEW 770 provides up to 7 power inputs and double motor inputs, characterized by various assembled modes of power board, multiple options of measurement range and accuracy.


Powerful features, including multi-channel input measurement, high-speed sampling, rich display formats in real-time numeric, waveform, trend, bar graph, vector and more.

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Pc Program

Powerful and Smart

Smart Instrument for complex multi-channel input measurement

    • ESC key
    • Navigation keys
    • Rotary knob (range)
    • Sensor key
    • Display selection keys
    • Function execution keys
    • Power switch
    • Type A USB port
    • Menu off key
    • Menu key
    • Condition selection keys
    • Touch screen

    • Voltage input terminal
    • (Motor) Torque and Speed signal input connector
    • GP-IB / RS-232 connector
    • Terminal of master/slave synchronized measurement
    • EXT clock input connector
    • Ethernet connector
    • VGA connector
    • Type B USB connector
    • Power switch
    • Power cord connector
    • Current input terminal
    • EXT current sensor input terminal
    • Power connector of sensor

Hybrid electric vehicle, tranducer, variable frequency motor

Equipped with 7 measurement channels and double-motor channels, this power analyzer pro VIEW770 can measure and evaluate the voltage, current, power, efficiency of the inverter of the electric vehicle, charger, battery, motor, and so on.

Double-motor channels meet the requirement of simultaneously measuring the power and efficiency of the drive motor and dynamotor. Besides, the integration function is available for evaluating the battery charging.

Functional Test to Home Appliance

This power analyzer pro of VIEW770 series can simultaneously test up to 7 pieces of appliances (home appliance of single phase) for measuring the voltage, current, power, frequency, power factor and harmonics.

Besides, the IEC harmonics and Flicker measurement functions are available for measuring and evaluating the power quality as per IEC standard.

Power Efficiency Assessment: New Energy System

With the progress of new energy used, the power quality is becoming increasingly prominent. This product can be used to effectively monitor and evaluate the power energy problem arising from harmonic or low voltage.

This power analyzer provides 7 elements of power measurement continent for measurement and analysis to the voltage, current, efficiency, harmonics of each node. It also has integration function available for evaluating and analyzing the conditions of Bought/Sold, Charge/Discharge for the system.

Testing to Aircraft Electrical Power System

The frequency of the aviation AC power supply system generally are 400Hz or 800Hz, but it is very difficult for a common power analyzer to satisfy the requirement of measuring such frequency, especially measuring the harmonics.

With 2Ms/s of sampling rate, this power analyzer can measure the harmonics of order up to 500th to meet the requirement, especially when at a frequency of 400Hz (fundamental harmonics).

Robot Performance Evaluation Test

The core parts of industrial robot are servo motor, reducer and controller.In the running process of the robot, multi-degree of freedom movement can be realized through the drive of servo motor, stable output of large torque can be achieved through the reducer, and multi-axis drive synchronization control can be achieved through the controller.

All three are indispensable.Industrial robots are equipped with multiple motors,to evaluate the robot driven by motors, the power consumption of all motors and controllers in various working states should be measured in the whole process. In order to analyze and learn the control process and evaluate the transient characteristics of the robot, it is required to measure the transient voltage, current, power and variation trend, and be able to store the data for analysis.

The sampling rate of VIEW770 power analyzer is up to 2MHz, with waveform calculation function, which can measure instantaneous power and with 128GB capacity storage.At the same time, harmonic analysis of different PLL sources with 7 channels can be carried out and can measure two motors simultaneously. If two sets of VIEW770 are synchronized, the mechanical output parameters of four motors can be measured simultaneously.VIEW770 power analyzer is especially suitable for robot performance evaluation test.

INNO PA Viewer Software

This PC application software enable user to remotely control the instrument from a remote PC, displaying numeric, waveforms, single and double harmonics, trends, vectors, bar graphs, combinations, IEC harmonics, FFT, Flicker, motor, cycle analysis and XY Graph display.

Inclusive features such as Raw data saving, printing IEC harmonic and flicker data reports.

Input Range for Various Types of Input Modules

User-friendly GUI with High resolution 12.1 inch touch screen

Cycle-by-cycle Measurement

Sensor Power Supply

Auto Range Rapid Change

Automatic Update Rate Up to 10ms

Harmonic Measurement Function

Integration Function

Double-Motor Evaluation

X-Y Graph Display Function

Current Phase Calibration

Instantaneous Power Measurement

FFT Computation Function

IEC Harmonics and Voltage Flicker

Super Storage Capacity and Printer

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General Specification

Items Specifications
Dimensions 487mm*457mm*249mm
Allowable power supply voltage fluctuation range From 85 to 264V AC
Rated power supply frequency 50/60Hz
Allowable power supply frequency fluctuation range From 48 to 63Hz
Maximum power consumption 300VA(When using 7 ×15W Current Sensor Power rating
Warm-up time Approximately 30 minutes
Operation environment Temperature: 5°C ~ 40°C
Humidity: from 20% to 80%RH (no condensation)
Operating altitude 2000m or less
Applicable environment Indoors
Storage Environment Temperature: -25°C ~ 60°C
Humidity: from 20% to 80%RH (no condensation)
Weight About 19kg

Communication Interface

Items Specifications
Type B USB Interface Conforms to the USB Rev.2.0; USBTMCUSB488
(USB Test and Measurement Class
Ethernet Interface RJ-45 connector; Conforms to IEEE802.3; Ethernet
1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 10BASE-T
RS-232 Interface 9-pin, D-Sub (plug); Conforms to EIA-574, standard
of 9-pin EIA-232(RS-232)
GP-IB Interface Conforms to IEEE 488-1978 (JIS C 1901-1987),
and IEEE St’d 488.2-1992

External Hardware Interfaces

Items Specifications
External Clock Input BNC connector; TTL level; Square waveform with a duty ratio of 50%.
Master-slave Synchronization Port BNC connector; TTL level
Type A USB Interface Conforms to USB Rev.2.0; 5 V; 500 mA (Power supply)

Models and Codes

Name Model Descriptions
Instrument View770 Power analyze pro(Includes host power line)
Instrument option /HF IEC harmonic,flicker
/WA Waveform computation; X-Y graph display
/IG GPIB, Replace RS-232
Input Modules (Each module has 1 pair of PAL-1001 test lines as standard configuration) View770-05A12 5A, 1000V, 0.01%+0.02%
View770-40A13 40A, 1000V, 0.01%+0.03%
View770-05A35 5A, 1000V, 0.03%+0.05%
View770-50A35 50A, 1000V, 0.03%+0.05%
View770-05A35V 5A, 1500V, 0.03%+0.05%
View770-50A35V 50A, 1500V, 0.03%+0.05%
View770-MA2 Motor Function Option Board
Input Module(option) /P Power supply for Current sensor (PG03A included)
Rack mounting (option) PAA1001 Used when the instrument mounted on the support

VIEW PRO Manager

Integrated cloud-based software platform for INNO’s splicers

  1. Device Management
    Manage splicers’ maintenance & service needs such as SW update, calibration, spare parts
  2. Job/Work Management
    Share and manage job/work to maximize efficiency and productivity
  3. Device Information
    Device real-time location and information
  4. Real-time, Seamless Reporting
    Splice results, locations, reports, and other data can be retrieved instantaneously
  5. Web/Cloud-Based Service
    Accessible via PC with tiered access rights and authorities

INNO Fusion Splicer Line Up

For all splicing needs

High performance









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