VIEW 830/810
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VIEW 830/810

A High-precision & High- Resolution Battery Tester

VIEW 830 /810

It is a high-precision, high- resolution battery tester and widely used for testing various batteries such as lithium batteries for mobile phones, storage batteries and power batteries.


With the AC four-terminal test method, the internal resistance and voltage of the battery can be tested more precisely.


With the built-in comparator function, it can automatically check whether the battery parameters meet the standard, so as to calculate the pass rate.


VIEW810/830 battery tester is suitable for testing and sorting all kinds of batteries.

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Powerful and Smart

Smart Instrument for complex multi-channel input measurement

    • Input port
    • Display
    • Measurement function menu key/measurement mode switch key/Compare function menu key/statistics menu key/System setting menu key/cancel/back key
    • Voltage range key/volume key/locking key
    • Resistance range key/print shortcut key/save setting key
    • Reset key/cut-off remote control key/manual trigger key
    • Clear key/ 0 key/• key
    • On-off key
    • Confirm key and direction selection key
    • USB interface
    • Softkey

    • Electric power line interface
    • Power switch
    • Ethernet interface
    • RS-232C interface
    • Analog output interface
    • EXT I/O interface

High voltage battery pack inspection

Battery module inspection

Inspection of large (low impedance) components

High speed mass production inspection of button batteries

Fuel battery pack measurement

Battery research, development and measurement

High speed mass production inspection of small battery pack of mobile phone/ portable electronic products

High speed mass production inspection of small components

AC four-terminal test method

High-precision measurement

High resolution display

Storage function

Comparator function

Statistic function

Correcting function

Analog output function

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Basic parameters

Items Specifications
Measuring items Resistance, voltage
Test method AC four-terminal test method
Functionalities ΩV/Ω/V
Voltage range VIEW810:6V/60V
Resistance rang 3mΩ/30mΩ/300 mΩV
Nominal voltage Rated input voltage: DC±60V(VIEW810), DC±300V(VIEW830)
Maximum rated voltage to ground: DC±60V(VIEW810), DC±300V(VIEW830)
Input impedance DC input impedance 3MΩ
Response time Measurement response time: about 10ms
Total measurement time Response time +sampling time
Zero set Zero range: -1000~1000 counting values (resistance and voltage are the same), the zero range can be less than or equal to ±1000 dgt.
Tigger Internal trigger/external trigger/manual trigger
Mean Average On /OFF, average number of time: 2~16 times
Delays On /OFF, delay time: 0~9.999 seconds
Statistics On /OFF/ reset, operation content: maximum value, minimum value, average value, sampling standard deviation, parent standard deviation, process capability index, etc.
Comparator Compare mode: AUTO/MANUAL Beeper mode: OFF/HL/IN/BT1/BT2 Upper and lower resistance limits: 0~3000Ω
Upper and lower voltage limits: 0~60V(VIEW810)/0~300V(VIEW830)
Resistance reference value: 0~3000Ω
Voltage reference value: 0~60V(VIEW810)/0~300V(VIEW830)
Percentage: 0.00%~99.99%
Measurement output The measured value can be transmitted to the computer in real time through RS- 232C or LAN port
Memory Maximum storage space 2.8G

General features

Item Specification
Preheating time About 30 minutes
Working environment 0℃~40℃, below 80%RH (no moisture condensation)
Storage environment -10 ℃ ~50 ℃, below 80%RH (no moisture condensation)
Operation place Indoor
Working altitude 2,000m or below
Rated supply voltage 100~240VAC(±10%)
Rated power supply frequency 50/60Hz(±2%)
Maximum power consumption 35VA
Size 306mm*232mm*108.5mm
Weight About 3kg

Models and Codes

Name Model Instructions
Host View810/830 Battery tester
Optional interface /CE Ethernet interface
/DA Analog output (D/A) interface
/EX2 External current sensor 50mV-2V ( or /EX1 )
/IO EXT I/O interface
Optional components BZ-1001 Zero setting panel
BL-1001 Four- terminal test line (pin type)
BL-1002 Four- terminal test line (clip type)

VIEW PRO Manager

Integrated cloud-based software platform for INNO’s splicers

  1. Device Management
    Manage splicers’ maintenance & service needs such as SW update, calibration, spare parts
  2. Job/Work Management
    Share and manage job/work to maximize efficiency and productivity
  3. Device Information
    Device real-time location and information
  4. Real-time, Seamless Reporting
    Splice results, locations, reports, and other data can be retrieved instantaneously
  5. Web/Cloud-Based Service
    Accessible via PC with tiered access rights and authorities

INNO Fusion Splicer Line Up

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High performance









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