VIEW12R Firmware


1.00 ~ 1.34 : Upgrade can be done by only “F13_sw_F13D90.bin”, “” files
1.35 ~ V1.36 : Upgrade can be done by only “” file
1.37 ~ : Upgrade can be done by two options between “” or “F13_sw_F13D90.bin”, “” files

Prepare USB driver that has “FAT types” of format.
And place upgrade file(s) into USB driver.
Upgrade file(s) must be out of folder in driver.

Latest version V1.37
Stated Version Can Upgrade To Upgrade way Requirement after an upgrade to the latest version
~V1.23 Latest Contact your local service center to upgrade your splicerOr, Contact INNO’s Official service center

V1.35~V1.37 “” file No required any action

VIEW12R V1.38

1. Add new option “Automatic Fiber Arrangement Guide” in Splice Option.
Now user can turn on/off the Re-alignment process of press-arm to put a fiber on v-groove in middle of alignment. This function is set “ON” as default as used to be.

VIEW12R V1.37

1. Optimize the method of version update.
2. Improve the alignment movement after arc calibration with single fiber.
3. Splicer is available to save up to 5,000 splice records correctly.

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